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How much does a members' voluntary liquidation cost ?  Is it worth it ?

Special offer 2,000 fee + disbursements for "cash shell" companies

Following the enactment of ESC C16 , from 1 March 2012 any company being would up informally will have a limit of 25,000 total distribution for it to be treated as capital rather than dividend income in the hands of the shareholders.  For higher rate taxpayers the tax benefit of an MVL will likely exceed the cost of the MVL for any company with distributable cash of more than 25,000.

I'm very open with my MVL quotations, and will quote fully inclusive of the fee and all disbursements.  Disbursements are 4 Gazette notices at 63.50 + VAT each, search fee of 3, and a bond, the premium of which varies according to the asset value of the company, but will probably be a couple of hundred pounds.

To qualify for this highly competitive rate, the company's director(s) and accountants must have done all the preliminary work to leave the company as a cash shell suitable for distribution to the shareholders.  This means taking the following steps:

1. Cease trading, realise all assets and pay all liabilities, leaving just cash at a single bank.
2. Deregister from PAYE and VAT having submitted final returns and paid final liabilities.  Any VAT incurred post-deregistration can be reclaimed.
3. Prepare and submit final accounts to date of liquidation and corporation tax returns and pay any tax liability thereon.

Any additional services such as distributions in specie (distributing non-cash assets to shareholders), realising assets other than bank accounts, settlement of liabilities or making multiple distributions to benefit from 2 years' CGT allowances would be charged at an additional hourly rate.

Substantial discounts are available for multiple liquidations of dormant companies within a group with common directors and one holding company as shareholder.  In this case the cost could be as low as 1,500 + disbursements per company.

Philip Beck is a Chartered Accountant and Licensed Insolvency Practitioner operating since 1996 with substantial experience in undertaking liquidation, both solvent and insolvent.

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