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My partner and I both have debts, some joint.  Can we do a joint IVA ?

If you have joint debts, then you are both liable for the whole amount of the joint debt, even if one partner goes into an IVA.  The joint creditors will simply chase the other partner for the whole of the outstanding balance.

It is not possible for one partner's IVA to remove the other partner's liability for the joint debts, nor is it possible, legally, to have a "joint IVA", which lumps all the debts together.  Assuming you meet the IVA criteria what will actually happen will depend on how much debt each of you has.

If they are liable for only a relatively small amount of debt (including joint), say 10,000 or under, then they will not be able to do an IVA in their own name as the cost would be disproportionate to the amount of debt involved.  In that case, you can put forward an IVA in your name, but the household budget will have to allow for your non-IVA partner to continue making their monthly debt payments (including that on the joint debts) in full.  This might mean however that there's not enough left over to meet your own IVA payments.  If their payments are still too high, then they could enter into a debt management plan to reduce their payments, but they'd still end up paying their debts in full.

If they are liable for a larger amount of debt (over 10,000), then both of you can enter into IVAs together.  Now although they will be arrangements for each individual partner these will be linked together so they appear joint and you can't have a situation where one partner's IVA gets approved and the other's is rejected, both have to be approved or it's not on.  The costs of running two domestic partners' IVAs are around 50% higher than those of a single IVA, so while the minimum payment for a single IVA is 300 per month, for two IVAs the household will have to have a minimum of 500 per month available.  The total debt owed by the household would also have to be higher, so the combined debt must be a minimum of 40,000 to make the IVA option feasible.

Philip Beck is a Chartered Accountant and Licensed Insolvency Practitioner operating since 1996 with substantial experience in undertaking IVAs.

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