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IVA - I run a business.  What will happen to it ?

If you were to be adjudged bankrupt, then if your business was anything more than a one-man self-employed operation using only "tools of trade", it would be closed down as a result of the bankruptcy with the employees being made redundant and the assets realised.  A self-employed trader using no valuable assets in his occupation would be allowed to continue, so long as he continued to trade in the same name and style as that in which he was adjudged bankrupt.

If your business is a limited company then it is even more important to avoid bankruptcy, as bankruptcy will mean an automatic disqualification from acting as director or in the management of the company.

Under an IVA you can propose to continue trading the business in order to provide funds with which to pay off the creditors.  Creditors are very wary of this, as it will usually mean obtaining further business credit facilities during the course of the IVA and assets that would otherwise be sold to provide funds for a dividend will be retained by the business in order to operate.  You would need to convince the creditors that despite previous financial difficulties, these had now been resolved and that the business was fundamentally profitable.  This would involve the production of a business plan with cashflow and profit forecasts to persuade creditors that the business can survive and generate an income sufficient to pay them. No creditor will support an IVA proposal reliant upon the continuation of a business if he does not consider the business itself is sound.  In particular, the Revenue and Customs will not support such a proposal if excessive arrears of PAYE deductions and VAT have built up.

Philip Beck is a Chartered Accountant and Licensed Insolvency Practitioner operating since 1996 with substantial experience in undertaking IVAs.

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Please note that this site deals only with personal insolvency law in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. By law, only a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner can undertake an IVA for you. If you need an Insolvency Practitioner in Scotland, visit The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland.   Interested in members voluntary liquidation ?

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